TUMMY TUCK surgery originated as a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ve also heard it called abdominoplasty. Surgeons conceived it for treating slack skin and weakened abdominal muscles. What worked for one person didn’t necessarily meet the needs of another. Fortunately, the field of cosmetic plastic surgery is an evolving landscape. The modern tummy tuck is now able to provide unique solutions. Dr. Grenga has an extensive experience with a variety of tummy tuck options which cater to your individual needs.RECENT ANESTHESIA DEVELOPEMENTS have enabled women (and men!) to achieve desired outcomes more quickly. This means a swifter recovery from tummy contouring surgery. Healthy individuals may expect that their tummy rejuvenation surgery can be performed in the outpatient setting: no more staying overnight in the hospital. Be sure to check with Dr. Grenga whether your health allows this option.

MINI-TUMMY TUCK Another development is the mini-tummy tuck. Surgeons devised it to treat loose skin limited to below the navel. If your skin in the upper abdomen is tight and smooth, then you might choose this option. The incision is usually shorter than the traditional abdominoplasty scar. Dr. Grenga will tighten the abdominal muscles just like in the traditional tummy tuck. He is likely to perform liposuction to enhance your waist also.

WILL I NEED DRAINS? Its a technique that gets a lot of attention at plastic surgery conventions. Whether to use drains or not depends on the surgeon’s experience among other factors. The extent of surgical dissection is among these. Another is whether liposuction is performed simultaneously. Be sure to ask Dr. Grenga if you are likely to need surgery drain tubes. Even those who do require drains agree– removal is NOT a painful experience to be feared.

TUMMY TUCK UNDER LOCAL ANESTHESIA? Can I have an abdominoplasty without a general anesthetic? Certainly worth consideration. Your medical health should be good in order to have a trimmer tummy this way. It depends on your torso shape and size, whether Dr. Grenga plans to perform a large volume of liposuction and how much muscle tightening you’ll need. The major benefits include significant reduction in post-operative nausea and vomiting. Immediate pain control is more likely also. Dr. Grenga will prescribe pain medication for you based on your prior history of surgery.

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<img src="before_ abdomimoplasty.png" alt="example of abdominoplasty surgery result"/>” class=”wp-image-885″ width=”50″ height=”75″/><figcaption>Appearance before tummy tuck</figcaption></figure>

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Trimmer abdomen after tummy tuck