YES, tummy tuck is a commonly used term that basically means the same thing as abdominoplasty. It’s a popular plastic surgery procedure in which Dr. Grenga specializes.

THERE ARE MANY REASONS why women (and men!) consult Dr. Grenga to address an undesired appearance of the abdomen. The most common reason is the result of child-bearing that produces loose skin, collections of fatty tissue and lax muscles. For others, it is the effect of weight loss whether produced by conscientious dieting or surgical means such as gastric banding or gastric bypass.

SO, WHAT DOES TUMMY TUCK INVOLVE? It’s more than just a “nip and tuck”. Usually, Dr. Grenga will combine removal of excess skin, some fat removal with liposuction and tummy muscle tightening to produce the trimmest figure when performing tummy tuck. You can expect some swelling, some bruising and some degree of discomfort that requires a period of “down time” from exertional activities. Tummy tuck is usually performed in the outpatient ambulatory surgery setting. Depending on the amount of physical exertion that you perform daily, the recovery may last from two to six weeks. Most individuals resume driving by 7-10 days and begin conditioning exercise by four weeks after tummy tuck.

For your convenience, Dr. Grenga performs tummy tuck operations at two of the Hampton Roads area’s certified outpatient surgery centers: the Bon Secours Surgery Center at Harbour View and the Surgery Center of Chesapeake serving residents of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and western Tidewater.

HOW DO I GET STARTED LEARNING ABOUT TUMMY TUCK? Contact us to request a consultation or call 757-673-5900 today to schedule your appointment. You’ll be seen by one of Hampton Road’s most experienced tummy tuck surgeons….after all Dr. Grenga has performed hundreds of tummy tuck procedures for women and men since establishing the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in 2000. Call or click today. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

BELOW: Before (left) and after (right) views of a tummy tuck patient combining removal of redundant skin, liposuction of the adjacent flanks and tummy muscle tightening rejuvenates this patient’s figure.