Suffolk Breast Enlargement – pleased to have my figure back

Our Suffolk plastic surgery team provides various cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast enlargement for women throughout Hampton Roads and Northeastern NC.


A Plastic Surgery Testimonial From LL

Dr. Grenga,

When I first considered breast enlargement, I wasn’t sure that it was the thing for me. I just wanted to restore the breasts that I had before bearing my two children. After the kids came, I gradually lost about two cup sizes. Thanks to you, I have been pleased to have my figure back. This has made me very glad that I made the decision to go ahead with the breast enlargement operation.



If you are considering cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargement, we encourage you to contact Dr. Grenga and our Suffolk plastic surgery team at (757) 673-5900 or by clicking here.   As a top plastic surgeon in Suffolk, Dr. Grenga offers his patients a diverse selection of cosmetic surgery options for enhancing the figure and rejuvenating the appearance.