Injectable Fillers and Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Our plastic surgeon provides cosmetic surgery to women and men in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton, Hampton Roads, and Northeastern NC.

With so many choices available in the world of esthetics and cosmetic surgery, how does one begin to choose which option is best to help keep you looking your best? While cosmetic surgery provides lift, tightening and sculpting for a more youthful facial appearance, injectable fillers are more likely to refine contours, enhance details and provide a temporary means of rejuvenation without the scalpel. According to our plastic surgeon, injectable fillers are semi-liquid gel products that are injected into areas of soft tissue hollows, unwanted creases or in the lips and cheeks to enhance volume of these structures. Typically with aging, facial skin and the underlying soft tissue layer begins to lose its elastic tone while the volume of these tissues withers. When these areas sag, then usually surgical nip and tuck are the means for addressing skin laxity or loose facial muscles. But, long before the face needs surgery for correcting the changes associated with aging, injectable fillers can stifle the aging process sometimes for years before one must go under the knife.

Injectable fillers are usually inserted under a local anesthetic or after the application of a topical local anesthetic. Cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Grenga estimates the amount of the injectable filler based on an assessment of the severity and number of deep wrinkles that are to be treated. While there are a great number of materials from which to choose, Dr. Grenga recommends the hyaluronic gel type of injectable filler. These are man-made replicas of the natural plumping material found in our bodies. Because it is gradually lost with aging, its replenishment with an injectable form of hyaluronic gel seems to be the most sound option.

Ask Dr. Grenga. After a thorough assessment, he may offer you a variety of different injectable filler options but the final recommendation will be based on your skin type, the severity of your wrinkles and the amount of soft tissue loss, sun exposure history, smoking and other similar criteria. Juvederm and Voluma are among the most commonly used brands which are routinely used for our patients in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton, Hampton Roads, and Northeastern NC. These injectable fillers are produced by Allergan which also produces Botox. The typical duration of rejuvenation effect is between one year and 18 months.

YES! It is reasonable to combine injectable fillers while one is “under” for a surgical procedure. Injectable fillers can also be injected by themselves, usually in the office setting. Only a tiny amount of local anesthetic needs to be injected first. Among the possible side effects are bruising, prolonged swelling lasting more than a few days and under-correction; asymmetry (this can be easily corrected with touch-up if needed) and over-correction. There is a remedy that can dissolve excess injectable filler if necessary.

Lips are among the most frequent sites for which Dr. Grenga provides injectable fillers. Here is one example.
Prior to injectable filler placed in the upper and lower lips, this woman possesses thin lips with fine wrinkling and essentially no “pout”
Lips are among the most frequent sites for which Dr. Grenga provides injectable fillers. Here is one example.
After injectable filler using a hyaluronic gel, this individual’s lips appear fuller and display crisper definition than before injection. Typically, results are stabilized at between two and ten days. The duration of swelling varies; your results may differ from those shown here.

The cost depends on the amount of injectable filler that is used.  It ranges from $550 for the first cc of injected filler to $1,000 or more for two cc on up. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Grenga will be able to predict the amount of the injectable filler that will be necessary to achieve your goals.

Whether you desire an injectable filler for your lips, frown folds, cheeks or lower eyelids, contact the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Grenga is experienced as an EXPERT INJECTOR so that you can look your best during the holidays and on into the NEW YEAR!