AT THE Chesapeake  Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, our plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tad Grenga,  treats women who seek breast implant removal explantation. There are two categories of individuals who seek breast implant removal explantation. Those who have experienced breast implant deflation or leakage constitute the first category.

A woman who has a malfunctioning saline (salt water) implant will most likely experience gradual, or sometimes rapid, deflation of the implant resulting in a dramatic loss of volume. The usual remedy for this situation is surgical removal of the deflated implant and replacement with a new breast implant. When silicone gel implants malfunction, there is not always a visible abnormality. Detection of silicone leakage may be observed on a mammogram, an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI.

The second category of individual seeks removal of her implants by choice. While there are many personal reasons why a woman decides to undergo surgery for breast implant removal explantation, Dr. Grenga obtains a detailed medical history and performs a physical examination in order to determine if breast implant removal explantation is a reasonable option. Because all operations, including breast implant removal explantation, have inherent risks, such a consultation helps to determine whether those risks are justified by the benefits of breast implant removal.

To view trends in breast augmentation including breast implant removal explantation click here to read more from an article published on-line by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Breast implant manufacturers have warrantees that cover the cost of the new implant subject to certain conditions. Details can be found in the consumer sections of the maker’s website.

DO YOU want to know more? Are you thinking about having breast implant removal explantation? Do you think that one or both of your breast implants have deflated, shifted, hardened or that you just no longer want to possess breast implants anymore? To learn more about this procedure or any of the many other plastic surgery procedures that are provided by Dr. Grenga, click here to view our “Contact Us” page or call 757-673-5900 (TOLL FREE 877-639-9680) to schedule your consultation with one of Hampton Roads most experienced plastic surgeons.

A breast implant removal explantation patient is shown, on the left,

BEFORE explantation and, on the right, AFTER explantation.