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This thirty-ish mother of two became tired of her frowning appearance in spite of a very pleasant personality. She had overactive facial muscles located between the brows. This is the most common area of the face that we are asked to treat with Botox injections. The wrinkling of the brows is shown in her pre-treatment photo at right. On the left, she is shown about two weeks later. The wrinkle muscles have been successfully treated with Botox.

Before Botox injection, the forehead possesses horizontal creases that are present at rest (that is, even without the individual frowning). Two weeks after the injections, the forehead and immediate area are smooth even during the woman’s attempted frowning, shown in the photo on the right. This effect is expected to last about four months although individual results may vary.

Botox injections take just a few minutes but are usually able to take away years of frowning, squinting, and wrinkles that develop on the face.

There’s virtually no “down-time”. You can have your Botox then return to work or back home in just a few minutes. Most individuals see the results within a few days. Results last about 4 to 6 months. While there are potentially some side effects, these are rare and may be related to swelling or bruising from the injections itself.

At your consultation with Dr. Grenga, you’ll be able to learn whether you are a candidate for this remarkable procedure for rejuvenating your appearance. Dr. Grenga’s experience with Botox brings you yet another option for helping you to look your best. Want to know more? Just click here to be linked to our Contact Us to schedule your consultation, We’ll send you information about the procedure that you’re interested in.

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  • Dr. Grenga,

    When I first considered breast enlargement, I wasn't sure that it was the thing for me. I just wanted to restore the breasts that I had before bearing my two children.

    After the kids came, I gradually lost about two cup sizes. Thanks to you, I have been pleased to have my figure back. This has made me very glad that I made the decision to go ahead with the operation.

  • Dr. Grenga,

    I cannot say enough good things about my entire experience with Dr. Grenga and his staff. Dr. Grenga has made a difference in my looks ( 10 years+ younger ). His expertise as well as his bedside manner have made a positive difference in my life.


  • Dr. Grenga,

    I know that you get thank you’s everyday but I want to let you know how much I appreciate the extent that you went to yesterday to help me. I will always be thankful for your extreme kindness you are truly the most caring Doctor a girl could ask for.


  • Dr. Grenga,

    Thank you for the wonderful kindness and politeness you all show each and every time I have come to or called the office. You all ROCK !


  • Dr. Grenga,

    Your attention to detail and expertise exceeded all of our expectations. You have a true passion for your work and it shines with your wonderful bedside manner. Words cannot express how truly thankful we are for what you have done for us and our daughter.

    AL and SL

  • Dr. Grenga,

    They say pictures can say a thousand words but the first one that came to mind after looking at these before & after’s is wow. You have made such a difference in how I look and feel about myself. I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your staff at the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Many thanks!


  • Dr. Grenga,

    You performed a tummy tuck on me three months ago and the results are terrific! I personally want to thank him for the job well done. His staff and Dr. Grenga take the time with you and make your whole surgery experience wonderful. If I ever need anything else done to my body, Dr. Grenga will be doing it.


  • Dr. Grenga,

    I feel now that I wished that I had my breast reduction operation a long time ago. I cannot believe that I waited so long for this and suffered for so many years. I feel so much better and have enjoyed exercising again because my back and breasts no longer hurt. My clothes fit so much better as well. You were right-it has made a remarkable difference in my appearance but I want you to know that it has made a difference in my outlook as well. I feel years younger!


dr.Tad Grenga

Dr. Grenga has practiced in Hampton Roads since 1987. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has dedicated his practice to the specialty of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

As one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Southeastern, Dr. Grenga offers his patients a
diverse selection of plastic surgery options for enhancing your figure and rejuvenating your appearance.

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